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Posted by sogasex on April 12, 2008

By David Ho, LDEO

Chris was prescient when he wrote his blog. We were suppose to get into Montevideo earlier today, but it turns out the port had no berths for us until tomorrow. So, it’s 11 pm on Friday night, and we’re sitting in the mouth of the Río de la Plata, a few miles off the coast of Montevideo. We can see the lights of the vibrant city, much like prisoners on Alcatraz could see the great city of San Francisco, but everything the city has to offer is entirely out of our reach. To make things worse, we’re out of honey and Vegemite. It’s officially a crisis.

The scientist and crew onboard all have extreme cases of channel fever. People pass the time by playing board games, watching movies, catching up on work, and sitting around discussion things they miss on land (e.g., favorite foods, activities, etc). We all hope that tomorrow will come soon, and we’ll finally be dockside and unloading our gear. Stay tuned.


Pete with the empty jar of Vegemite moments before its burial at sea.


Alejandro and Bertrand engage in an international game of chess.


Scrabble hawk Bob takes on another unsuspecting victim in Byron, while Geoff and Sarah catch up on some work in the background.


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