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Posted by sogasex on April 12, 2008

By David Ho, LDEO

Well, it finally happened. We were supposed to get in at 2 am, then it was changed to 4 am, then to 8 am, then to 11 am, and we finally docked at 12.01 pm. It was a fitting end to the cruise in 2 ways: The first is just the unpredictability of everything, and the second is that Herb won the pool predicting when we would get in. Herb and Richard from the galley fed us really well the entire cruise, and being a vegetarian, it was certainly the best cruise I’ve ever been on in terms of the food selection.

The agent in Montevideo was great, and had all the containers waiting for us. With everyone helping unload the ship and load the containers, everything going back to the US via ocean freight was unloaded in less than 4 hours. The air freight will go out on Monday.

Now it’s time for everyone from the scientific party to…well…party. We will meet up soon for drinks and food before disbanding and returning to our respective homes.


After anchoring all night off Montevideo, the moment the ship started moving was probably the happiest moment in the entire cruise for Burke.


A view of the ship’s berth in Montevideo.


Shipping containers getting loaded with scientific gear.


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