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Dyeing for a Distraction

Posted by sogasex on March 23, 2008

By Christopher Sabine, NOAA/PMEL

Life at sea can be quite hectic. Operations continue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no weekends and no holidays. The commute to work is pretty short so it can seem like all we do is work, eat, and sleep (usually much more of the first than the last and way too much of the middle). We are starting our fourth week at sea and we just passed “hump day” (the midpoint of the cruise) a few days ago. It can be a challenge to keep focused for that long so a good distraction can help punctuate the time and remind us that life is more than just CTD casts every 12 hours with patch surveys in between.

Some people read books or play video games to escape; others go down to the house of pain or take in the evening movie to get away. We can also help to mark time by honoring the various holidays or celebrations that pass. For example, it was fun to find the TV room all decorated with green streamers and balloons on St. Patrick’s Day.

For some of us, a welcome event last night was the dyeing of hard boiled eggs in honor of the Easter weekend. A little food coloring, vinegar, hot water and some imagination is all it took to provide a little evening fun and fellowship. All were welcome regardless of religious beliefs. The only challenge was the fact that we only had brown eggs to dye. It seems that most colors, when mixed with brown, make…brown. Oh well, we had fun and it was a welcome distraction before the next CTD cast.


Scientist and crew come together for some easter egg dyeing


Dyed eggs


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