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The Mess

Posted by sogasex on March 4, 2008

By Veronica Lance, LDEO

With the set up and installation of major equipment mostly complete, the scientists have now turned their attention to fine tuning instruments and running tests in anticipation of reaching the location, perhaps by tomorrow, where we will begin our initial survey of the proposed site. Some underway data are already being collected.

Meanwhile, the galley crew of the NOAA ship Ronald H. Brown have been hard at work since before we cast off. Richard Whitehead is the Chief Steward, and has full responsibilities for providing meals and linens for the ship’s officers, crew and scientists – a total of about 60 people. We see Richard in the galley, but he also has many administrative responsibilities. He likes his work and has been at it since 1979. Before that he cooked in the Navy and at restaurants. Mosies Martinez and Herb Watson make up the rest of the galley crew for this trip. Three full meals are served each day and ample snacks are available for those who miss regular meals. The menu is diverse, but I’ve observed it often include some traditional “southern” fare. For example, “chicken and pastry” and “sweet tea”.

Here is a sampling of some stores that were brought aboard in Punta Arenas: 200 lbs. of Argentinean beef, 400-500 lbs. fresh Chilean fruits, and 600 lbs. of fresh vegetables. Thank you to the guys who keep us well fed!!!


Richard in the galley.


Desmond (Engineer) getting a fresh cup of coffee. Caffeine keeps us going!


The galley “in motion”. We have had calm seas so far, but the galley must operate in bad weather, too. The scientists and deck crew will especially appreciate a hot meal after coming in from “deck ops” in rough Southern Ocean conditions.


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